Link away, link away

Tom Friedman richsplains we can compensate for unemployment by marketing “our own branded reputations” and renting out power tools. Of course, Friedman’s columns about how to succeed are often inaccurate.
•I frequently complained during the W years about how right-wingers branded pretty much anything that could be construed as aiding the terrorists (e.g., calling for a withdrawal from Iraq) was thereby treason. Apparently the Obama administration, while not going that far, is charging Bradley Manning with “aiding and abetting the enemy” on the grounds his alleged leak to Wikileaks could have benefited al Qaeda. In another note at the same link, the administration also asserts that the NSA spying program is beyond any sort of court supervision or authority, so lawsuits about it should all be dismissed.
•Slacktivist links to several noteworthy posts:
•Roanoke County Board of Supervisors Al Bedrosian claims that the First Amendment obviously applies to Christians and nobody else (in point of fact it was denounced at the time by some churchmen because it didn’t mention God or Christianity). So the first thing we need to do is get rid of all those other religions.
•Along with fighting birth control, conservatives in the Catholic Church are now fighting a church anti-poverty effort.
•Texas Republicans speak out on abortion.
•In other news, corporations are recruiting groups of right-wing militia members as security guards (against ecoterrorists in this case). What could possibly go wrong?
•The NCAA is horrified that it might have to pay college athletes to use their likeness in marketing.
•Right-wing bloggers and pundits (at least a number of them) continue to freak out over the Trayvon Martin case and how black people are, as usual, the real racists.
•No, hookup culture has not taken over college life.


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