More links for Sunday

Digital Book World discusses Barnes & Noble’s announced plans to abandon its tablet business and shutter lots of stores. Where is the publishing world going? More questions than answers, but good questions (hat tip to Rebekkah Niles for the link)
•If you’re stopped by the police and think you need a record of what happened, here’s a guide to video/audio recording and the related law.
•When you hear claims about how Iran may be close to developing nuclear weapons, remember, we’ve been hearing those claims since the 1970s. Israel’s Netanhayu has been warning of an imminent Iranian nuke since 1992.
•The movie Trading Places inspired an Eddie Murphy rule on insider trading in commodities.
•Just like Ash in Pokemon, the NSA wants to catch them all—every email, every phone call in the USA.
•Digby quotes a piece on Trayvon Martin which draws the lesson that “black men, even black boys, are denied the right to be young, to be vulnerable, to make mistakes.” Digby also points out that conservatives have gone over the past 20 years from predictions of a wave of black super-predators terrorizing us to hand-wringing over black-on-black crime (because the wave of killer teens never materialized). Curiously, the worries over black-on-black crime seem to spring up primarily when whites get criticized as in the Zimmerman case …
•I’m with Salon: if Jenny McCarthy becomes a new host on The View, it will give her belief that vaccines cause autism (and from everything I’ve read, no, they don’t) a wider platform. And not getting kids vaccinated comes at a price.
•Fox antifeminist Suzanne Venker joins in the bullshit claims that schools are inherently sexist—meaning they’re anti-male. LGM joins in dissecting Venker (some of Venker’s past baloney sliced up here)
•David Brooks, meanwhile, concludes the problem with men’s careers is a matter of values, rather than a lack of jobs.
Here’s what happened to Sears after its boss decided having every part of the company compete with the other parts would make them all stronger (um, no). Consumerist has more.
•Echidne of the Snakes explains why she sometimes looks at smaller issues instead of the Big Picture.
•The Catholic Church is still fighting tooth and nail against having its social-service agencies and hospitals have to allow birth control to be covered by their insurance.
•Along with Ohio Gov. John Kasich’s tax policies, he’s also virulently pro-forced birth. Meanwhile a Texas Republican seems to think police rape kits are some kind of abortion device.


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