Sandwich recipes from the 1950s.
•A graveyard of ships (the world’s largest).
•One libertarian score for “freedom” among the 50 states doesn’t consider abortion rights.
•The story behind the birth of Florida Gulf Coast University. In brief: a developer pulled a lot of political markers, got the federal environmental forces to approve it. In return, he got 16 square miles to develop and made millions.
•The long-term costs of veterans careis going to add even more to Iraq war costs.
•If anyone tells you President Obama doesn’t make religious statements on major events, keep in mind he did make an Easter statement.
•Glenn Greenwald argues that drone use within the US will be much worse than some people predict, including weaponized drones. And even without weapons, the potential for police to just send them around and make warrantless searches “just in case” is there. And drone use even has its own lobby now.
•Greenwald also rips into recent reports that mock Guantanamo prisoners for making a hunger strike when life in permanent imprisonment is so wonderful.
•A few days back I mentioned Ross Douthat’s arguments that all problems with traditional marriage can be blamed on gay marriage, starting even before it was legal. Slate responds that the real impact is that it’s harder to maintain bigotry.
•Speaking of which, a Catholic cleric worries that America is no longer tolerant of people who say opposing gay marriage is “bigotry.” Which reminds me of one dead-on observation in one of the various gay marriage pieces I’ve linked to recently, that this is the new tactic: Gay marriage is bad because it makes people who oppose look like bigots. Waaah, not fair! And given that the majority of states still don’t allow it, the Cardinal can cry me a river. Oh, and here’s a Republican claiming that someone could pretend to be gay and married just to get health benefits and such. What stops someone doing this with opposite-sex marriage under the current system? She doesn’t say.
•A mainstream newspaper piece discusses, quite respectfully, the KKK and their Christian values.
•An NYT obit describes an important woman space scientist as someone who “made a mean beef stroganoff.”
•Does racial bias in school suspensions leave more minority kids unable to graduate?
•Economist Olivier Blanchard looks at what economists should learn from the financial debacle of the last few years. I do wish the media would learn that just because the stock market is up, that doesn’t mean everyone is better off.
•FAIR points out that as usual with right-wing economic history, David Stockman has some facts wrong.
•Digby and Rick Perlstein remind us that what seem like solid Democratic voting blocks now (women, urban blacks, etc.) can change. So Dems shouldn’t get cocky. Good advice. I remember an article I linked to a while back pointing out that Muslims voted overwhelmingly Republican in 2000. Under the weight of Bush administration persecution that changed. Though given the FBI continues scrutinizing them without any evidence of criminal activity who knows if it’s going to change again? Then again, we have Tennessee Republicans trying to come up with a voucher bill for religious schools that excludes Muslims … And just to share the bigotry, Greenwald reports on atheists who single out Muslims as a particularly bad religion.



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