Ward, I think Beav blew up the Dairy Queen again

(Title courtesy of Bloom County. In-joke reference to Leave it to Beaver)
An extremely messy day. Dentist in the morning (no cavities but it seems I’ve taken up grinding my teeth. Bad me!). Then working on a non-writing volunteer project that I have massively screwed up, and I don’t know how to fix it yet. Fortunately there are higher authorities to appeal to so I don’t have to worry about jerry-rigging a solution. But I’m ashamed that this will end up adding more work to friends who offered to help out.
Anyway, all that being said, just links this evening.
•A chapter of the Better Business Bureau allegedly starting extorting companies to pay up to get a good rating from the bureau. That chapter has now been kicked out.
•More than 130,000 people have resolved complaints with businesses by using the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau’s web portals.
•While collecting images for Google’s street views, employees also listened in on private Internet activity. Google says it was accidental and has agreed to a $7 million settlement (that’s what, one week’s revenue?)
•FAIR catches the New York Times ignoring the US’ human-rights record in Africa.
•NFL team owners may have painted themselves as poorer than they are to squeeze concessions out of players.
•A former Quiverfull woman (Quiverfull is a conservative Christian movement based around patriarchal marriages breeding lots of devout children) argues persuasively that putting the responsibility for male lust on the woman is anti- the female body (since showing distinctively female body parts is a Bad Thing) and implies that if it is visible, then men are entitled to have sex with it. It’s an excellent essay.
•LGM points out that the administration can’t rule out the use of drones with lethality on American soil because using lethal forces comes with police power. But I think much more troubled by the rationale of an “imminent threat” justifying lethal force, because that’s too easy to abuse, especially when the administration won’t even detail the rationale it’s using now.
•Google is less than keen on ad-blockers for Android.
•As farmers continue using antibiotics in cattle feed, Congress is looking at a bill to force them to stop.
•Arguments that we’re much richer than statistics say imply that we were much poorer in the past. And that we’ll have much more money in the future, so maybe we will have enough to support government welfare and benefits in the future (the usual argument is that since we’re so rich, we can slash all the programs and nobody gets hurt).
•A woman pushes American hotels to stop unwittingly helping sex traffickers.


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