Not the most efficient day …

I don’t have the time for the second Illogicon-related post I had in mind, so I’ll just settle for a few links.
•The race card again: A writer at The American Spectator (link is not a direct click-to) explains that “From slavery to segregation, lynching, the Ku Klux Klan and on to racial quotas, attacking Korean grocers or suing Arizona — the left uses race to gin up a racial base and repays with big government.”
You heard it. Making an issue of slavery, Jim Crow and lynching is just a manipulative left-wing tactic. I presume it’s the same logic by which Republican policies on birth control and abortion are just unimportant matters Obama turned into controversies.
•And here we have right-wing attacks on the guy who sheltered several kids after Sandy Hook. Because, GUNS! so he’s obviously some government plant. Mahablog has more. Speaking of which, here are Obama’s gun-control proposals.
•Slacktivist looks at the pain of patriarchal white guys no longer in power. Like some of the commenters, I have less sympathy for people who lose privilege than the post does: As the above links show, far too many aggrieved white guys are not just distressed, they’re outright nasty.
•Speaking of privilege, Digby makes the case that the religious right’s core issue is more race than abortion or gay marriage. I’ve heard this argument before, but not so convincingly (the piece shows how Jerry Falwell started out as a segregationist and only turned into a general holy warrior after the government started restricting segregation in private schools).
•On a lighter but no less moronic note than the first couple of links, an Esquire interview reveals that Megan Fox’s face is symmetrical and she isn’t an Aztec human sacrifice. But she suffers! Oh, and Lady Gaga and Amy Adams are ugly.
•Slacktivist again, looking at how anti-gay religious conservatives would have responded 2,000 years ago to the idea of accepting Gentiles into Christianity.
•Chuck Colson died last year. Let’s remember some of his bullshit because plenty of conservatives would probably like to sweep it under the rug. Here’s some more quotes. As other people have observed, the man who ruthlessly smeared people when he worked in the Nixon White House didn’t really change that much when he got religion.


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