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Lawyers, Guns and Money rips into the idea liberals shouldn’t vote because Obama’s too flawed a candidate. Much as I’ve criticized Obama over drone warfare, failure to prosecute torture and so on, I’m in agreement on this. I’d be delighted if he was close to the socialist radical Repubs fantasize he is, but you go to the polls with the politicians you got. And the cost of a Repub presidency to gays, women and the economy is more than I can stomach. LGM follows up here.
•Digby points out that no well-armed civilian has ever stopped a mass shooting with a gun. Maybe he has a point that activists on other issues can learn from the NRA.
•An example of the kind of hard-working poor that Romney and Ryan (and many others) think of as parasites.
•A useful reminder that when we put the 10 Commandments up in a public place we’re not only favoring “Judeo-Christian” faith over others, we’re favoring a particular branch of Judaism or Christianity.
•A Soviet judge considers the Russian punk group Pussy Riot to be attacking religion just by virtue of being feminist. I am less sanguine than the blogger that we can’t find people who think the same here (I bet Jared and Douglas Wilson would sign up).
•Muslim countries call for a worldwide blasphemy ban.
•Non-political: A look at a 1960s story where the Teen Titans meet some hippies. As one of the commenters points out, it’s a goofy story but author Bob Haney shows the hippy movement more respect than most comics creators did back then (and I really like the Guru’s message board for runaways looking to head home).
•Bill O’Reilly suggests we sanction Iran until it lets in weapons inspectors. Trouble is, Iran was letting them in when he said it.
•As I’ve noted before, some of the “47 percent” are voting for Romney.


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