Capital gains tax and other links

LGM touches on something I’ve written about in various venues for years: What makes cutting capital gains taxes pro-free market or libertarian rather than a government intervention to reward some kinds of investment and effort over others. Answer: It isn’t, but it is very beneficial to really rich people.
But when you’re rich, special things happen: For example, if you steal $1 billion, you just blame it on “chaos.” And nobody suggests tort reform should apply to billion-dollar corporations.
•Oh, and here’s Paul Krugman pointing out that when taxes were higher and the rich were poorer, the economy did great.
•Providing cable porn in hotels is equivalent to denying blacks the right to stay there, according to some religious conservatives.
•Remember the Australian woman who claimed her baby was eaten by dingoes? Australia took it as a given she was lying, but it turned out to be true. This article looks at the tragedy of how Australians joked about, condemned and belittled the parents.
•The influential conservative thinker Friedrich von Hayek was strongly opposed to tyranny—except when it was convenient.
•The housing crisis is wrecking black Americans’ credit scores.
•The ACLU asks if we’d ignore disparities in death sentencing if, instead of blacks being disproportionately sent to death row in the US, it was Germany disproportionately sentencing Jews.
•Some evangelical groups have considered supporting contraception to reduce abortions. For right-winger Marvin Olasky, anything but abstinence is bad, bad, bad.
Olasky’s argument is that saying “no sex, but if you go ahead, use contraception” is giving tacit permission to have sex (and it might be Gasp! outside marriage). Personally I think this is like arguing that “don’t drink and drive” campaigns are telling people it’s okay to drink. But as I’ve noted before, sending anything that sounds like approving sex is unacceptable to many on the right. And if you do have sex, better be ready to have a baby, because that’s a woman’s place.


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