All links possible: The sequel

I mentioned Marvel’s Northstar is getting a gay wedding. The Religious Right is unsurprisingly pouting. Conservatives are also freaking out about Gay Pride Week. On the plus side, another federal judge ruled against the Defense of Marriage Act this month.
•Thirty years ago or so, Marvel established that Ororo of the XMen and the Black Panther met as kids. It’s depressing that the original version shows more respect for Storm and the recent retcon is more sexist.
•The NRA’s role in creating Florida’s stand-your-ground law (I linked to more on this topic in yesterday’s post).
•Digby vents about a suicidal woman being tried as a murderer because her attempt killed her baby. The penalty for being suicidal and depressed? Possibly 45 years in prison or more.
•Lance Mannion vents about the assumption that if you don’t have adequate health insurance, it’s your own fault for being a loser.
•Obama aggressively pursues leakers who divulge security secrets—except when they’re doing it on his behalf. The Lawfare blog mocks Obama’s position. Another article discusses the propaganda efforts to legitimize drone strikes. For example, eliminating civilian casualties by classifying everyone in the strike zone as a “combatant” (see? Simple!).
•The Wild Hunt pagan blog discusses recent protests that the Air Force is stifling Christian freedom. He points out that requiring everyone get treated equally, regardless of faith, is not oppression.
•For a case where a Christian is being treated unfairly, a school refuses to let a teenage boy wear a rosary.
•Anti-Social Security activist Alan Simpson has no idea what he’s talking about.
•A good post on how easily we can be jerks.
•What century is this for women again? Former Conservative offers another example.
•I would agree that this sounds like an idiotic NYT article. Though the belligerent tone of the mockery doesn’t work for me at all (I almost didn’t link to it).


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