Wedded bliss

As of today, I’ve been married to TYG a year. And I love it. And her.
I know marriage isn’t for everyone. I know people who are happily polyamorous, or extremely unsocial who have no wish to tie the knot. But if you’re someone who does want to find a permanent pair-bond with someone else—it’s good. It’s everything I thought it would be, and in some ways much better.
For presents, I got her a book she wanted (Paper anniversary) and sent flowers to her office. She got me a couple of comic TPBs I wanted—which is very sweet, given she hates comic books.
And lord knows, dealing with all Mum’s ongoing problems would be much harder without her to lean on. I can state this for a fact—my siblings and I have dealt with prior incidents and I felt at times like I was going to cave in. Right now, it’s stressful, but I can cope.
However, since I will once again be off helping Mum tomorrow, posting may be light or non-existent, depending on Internet access.
Moving on … my new And column on Birtherism is out.
While I didn’t go into it in the piece, I do believe part of what fuels conspiracy theories of any sort is what C.S. Lewis described as the desire to be part of the Inner Ring. To understand what’s really going on. To know you’re smarter and more perceptive than anyone else. When reading conspiracy-related books for Screen Enemies of the American Way, I notice one of the standard online rebuttals to any criticism was that sure, if you’re content to be spoon-fed propaganda by the mainstream media, you might buy the official explanations—but that doesn’t satisfy believers, because they’re not sheeple! They look deeper!
In other matters …
•More than 2,000 convicted felons have been exonerated over the past two decades, according to a new university database. The creators doubt that’s all of them. Oh, and for anyone familiar with the “rape is an easy charge to make” school of disbelieving rape victims, nearly half of the cases for which they have detailed information were homicides (sexual assault was only one-third).
•Christians do not get the last word on marriage.
•Courtesy of Digby, a piece by Soraya Chemaly on misogyny (“Fear is why they insist there is something fundamentally wrong with you.). As someone who writes about this a lot, it’s humbling how totally this one leaves me in the dust.
•The Center for Public Interest suggests OSHA did a crap job investigating the death of a steelworker and the possibility it was the result of wilful negligence by U.S. Steel.
•Speaking of Birthers, one U.S. Congressmen asserts that Obama, regardless of where he was born, just isn’t an American.
•A woman says she was fired for being too sexy.
•Humor: How do you know if you’re possessed?
•Eschaton points out we have 50,000 troops in Germany. What exactly are they guarding against?
•Fred Clark at Slacktivist admits he writes a lot about mobile homes. But as he explains, there’s a reason for it: They’re what lets many older Americans keep a roof over their heads.
•An economist ponders whether the only way to stop the increasing rapaciousness of the rich is to find a counterbalancing force that fights for the lower classes the way the unions fought for workers.
•Obama’s objections to warrantless wiretapping? He’s so over them.



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