All links great and small

•Slacktivist offers a number of links to bank-fraud stories. This Rolling Stone piece about mortgage and financial fraud at Bank of America is particularly infuriating. More from slacktivist here.
•A Christian argument in favor of accepting gay marriage. More here.
•The power of the press, one article suggests, is not what we think.
•Jonathan Chait shows that Paul Ryan’s rep as a deep economic thinker is, well, bullshit. Just one more Repub looking to slash taxes on the rich.
•Anti-wind-power activists plot to create the illusion of a grass-roots antiwind campaign (my thoughts on right-wing anti-environmentalism are here).
•How do you define culture war?
•Parental opposition to vaccinating kids has led to a resurgence of whooping cough.
•A soldier says the military is ignoring the truth of the Afghan war.
•The 47 percent who don’t pay income taxes are no better than slaveholders, one politician says.
•Washington insiders paid to advocate for the anti-Iranian terrorist group MeK may get it off the terrorist watch list. Hey,backing a fundamentalist cult-like group to attack our enemies—that couldn’t possibly go wrong, right?
•Virginia refuses to appoint a gay man as a state judge. Because, you know, he’s gay.
•People challenging Christian doctrine on gay rights and similar matters aren’t taking away anything from Christianity.
•Whoever wins in November, expect military spending to keep growing.
•Black power activist Huey Newton spoke out for gay rights 40 years ago. I’m frankly impressed.
•The House GOP blocks a proposal that would prevent indefinite detention of accused terrorists arrested on American soil. Trial? Constitutional rights? Don’t you know the GOP are keeping us safe!
•Wisconsin cops tell a family to bring cash bail, then use their right to seize drug-dealer assets to take all the money.
•John Scalzi explains why straight white men have it easier than anyone else, and he does it well. Some follow-up here.
For anyone who doesn’t have time to click through, here’s the gist: If life were a massive online game, being a straight white guy is the easiest possible setting for your character. It doesn’t mean you’ll have it easy, but you’ll face less of a challenge than anyone else. And if you play on another setting—black woman, for example—it doesn’t mean you get better prizes or more points, it just makes the game more difficult.
•Mitt Romney assures fundamentalists there’s really no difference between them and Mormons.
•The military wants the right to feed Americans pro-war propaganda.
•A lot of terrorists the FBI arrests were encouraged and inspired by the FBI>


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