Still trimming bookmarks

Echidne on claims the economy is biased against men. Here she discusses claims women’s career aspirations are all explained by the ratio of men and women in the population. More here.
•Fascinating tax facts. And how some conservatives and tax-preparer professionals oppose simpler tax forms.
•A right-winger complains about criticism of the rich. Therisnospoon argues that if outsourcing was putting pressure on American wages, CEOs would feel it too.
•If the free market encourages companies to deliver better service, why do automated-phone systems suck?
•Romney thinks it’s fine to attack labor, but supporting it? Divisive!
•Did a police department punish a cop for stopping a fellow officer beating an innocent person?
•The effect of the media on the Social Security debate.


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Filed under economics, Politics, Undead sexist cliches

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