Me vs. the bookmarks, round #?

Continuing to whittle down my list of links…
•A useful reminder that when anti-evolutionists say “teach the controversy,” what they mean is “teach Genesis.”
•Roy Edroso has a suggestion for certain conservatives: To prove you’re not racists, just act like a non-racist instead of explaining all the time why your views on black intelligence and black violence are perfectly legitimate and not bigoted at all. Digby suggests Santorum, Gingrich and so forth stop acting like birtherism and “Barack Obama is a secret Muslim” are positions worthy of serious consideration. Gawker critiques Andrew Sullivan’s argument that research into black intellectual inferiority is being covered up by political correctness.
•An example of the “both sides are rotten” theme in journalism. Republicans are anti-woman because they oppose abortion, birth control and that make it easier for women to sue over discriminatory pay; Democrats are anti-woman because they vote against female Republican politicians. One of these things is not like the other …
•Slacktivist takes on Rick Warren’s claim that the church helps the poor more than the government does, and his efforts to reconcile Christianity and capitalism.
•Bring on the crazy! Slacktivist rips into right-wing claims that Obama’s use of “Freedom of worship” is part of an anti-religious plot, and then at the Satanic Nazi Menace!


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