Today’s batch of links

•The Bush White House tried to destroy a memo labeling “harsh interrogation” for what it was: Torture and war crimes.
•The Conference of Bishops argues that offering workers the option of birth-control insurance coverage is a form of oppression (but now it’s the workers who are oppressed).
•Charles Pierce suggests that the great thing about Holy Week is that authority is the villain.
•Digby scoffs at the idea Paul Ryan and his budget represent the political center.
•The down side of “stand your ground” laws.
•The government has acquired the habit of seizing computers when Americans return from overseas. Particularly when they criticize the government.
Slacktivist: “The Bible is not a Rulebook for Other People. Those who pretend that it is are always, always trying to tell you who it is that you don’t have to love. When that’s your starting point, you’re reading it wrong.”
•Echidne discusses the significance of prostitution’s gendered nature: Women as the workers, men as the customers.
•Why Obama’s JOBS act is more about loosening regulations (and not in a good way) than jobs.
•I haven’t read Ross Douthat’s new book on American religion, so I can’t comment on it. I can, however, link you to people who have read it and are happy to eviscerate it.
•Once again, a Bush official proudly boasts of his willingness to destroy evidence and use torture because he loves America so much.


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