Ann Romney and other links

As you may have heard, Repubs are once again in high dudgeon (they’re good at that) because a TV commentator said Ann Romney hasn’t worked a day in her life. My god, don’t liberals realize how hard a mother works? They’re the ones making a war on women!
This reminds me a lot of the Barbara Bush flap from 20 years ago. As Feministe points out, we routinely refer to “work” in a variety of contexts to mean “work outside the home” so it’s hard to see any slur on motherhood here (and as Feministe and I have pointed out, it’s not like right-wingers support motherhood with more than words).
And as Slacktivist notes, a major part of the 1990s Republican-supported welfare reform was that mothers should not stay home—they should be out there working. Romney himself wants to up the work requirement.
Of course, those were poor women and a lot of them are nonwhite, so it’s not as if they’re going to get the same treatment as Ann Romney.
Ann Romney says that she’s had to struggle. But as Digby says, scrimping in college while living on your stock dividends (provided by the parents) is not in the same as scrimping while working two jobs (or even one).
In other news:
•Newt Gingrich calls for an international campaign to make all nations grant their citiznes the right to own guns! I’ve often wondered what the NRA was going to keep doing to get people’s contributions (after all, it’s not like anyone’s going to pass serious anti-gun legislation)—I guess this is it.
Oh, and the NRA’s Wayne LaPierre (who once claimed Martin Luther King was shot as part of a government plan to smear gun owners) thinks the media are distorting the case to make stand-your-ground laws look bad.
•A Catholic priest refuses to fight against gay marriage in Washington state.
•Tennessee worries kids holding hands is too sexy.
•A simple way to fix income inequality: $10 million for each person.



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