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Taking a break while I try to figure out a rewrite point in Impossible Takes a Little Longer.
•Claims that windfarms cause climate change are exaggerated, according to the original researcher (who wrote about small, localized change downwind of the farms, not “climate change”).
•Americans support deregulation, unless you get specific.
•Why sanctions on Iran are a bad idea. Among other reasons, sanctions kill civilians, don’t dislodge governments and inspire retaliation. Meanwhile, CNN breathlessly reports government claims of Iranian sleeper agents among us and NPR reports that Iran is on the offensive (our government says so, it must be true).
•David Brin on conservative (and sometimes liberal) distaste for science (reminding me of my own thoughts on anti-intellectualism). He also discusses the myth that if we don’t get rid of welfare, the poor/working-class/middle-class will vote to give themselves more money by taxing the rich.
•Looking for Antichrist has an effect on politics.
•Six things rich people should stop saying.
•The Libyan intervention hasn’t eliminated human-rights abuses by the new government and violence is spilling over into neighboring Mali. But I’m sure our inevitable next intervention will be surgical and perfect (sarcasm).
•Echidne ponders why feminism shows up in the “Style” section of the New York Times.
•The press continues insisting that stories that “define” a candidate just magically happen without any bias on their part. And Columbia Journalism Review points out how much NYT coverage is about dogs (including Gail Collins’ obsessive talk about Mitt Romney’s dog).
•The Romans could have said the same things about crucifying “rebels” in Palestine that modern hawks say about Iraq.
•Right-to-lifers caught lying to children.
•Obama: “America should be a place where you can always make it if you try — a place where every child, no matter what they look like (or) where they come from, should have a chance to succeed.” According to Walter Williams, this is a “coded and subtle” method of playing the “race card.”
•Apparently college professors are now branded another category of the 99 percent who don’t earn their keep. Meanwhile, Republicans keep pushing to gut any defenses for workers.
•The government brags about the success of the drone program—but if anyone asks questions about it, it suddenly becomes completely classified.


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