I need to clear out my browser bookmarks

So here are a few pages I’ve been meaning to ink to for a while.
•Two on science:
First a very unsettling New Yorker article on how few scientific experiments are actually consistently replicable, how much science gets fudged and how hard it appears to be prove anything definitely.
Second, Echidne‘s blog. I was going to link specifically to a series she’s running about (pseudo)scientific analysis of sex differences but I found on dissection of a “rape is a byproduct of evolution” article and one gutting a claim that having lots of money destroys women’s love lives (because they don’t need men to support them, so men don’t have to offer commitment to get sex, so successful professional women will die alone, or something like that). So just work your way down until you find something scientific.
•Two on money:
An article in Atlantic argues something I’ve heard elsewhere, that the American super-rich have little attachment to America and less dependence on American consumers; as the article puts it, if four Chinese become middle class for every American who drops out of it, globalization is a net win.
There’s also a definite sense of snobbery about these guys: One interviewee asserts that if the American middle class thinks it should be paid 10 times what workers earn in China, it should be 10 times as productive (I’m willing to be he feels the difference between what CEOs make now and what they made 50 years ago is Completely Different). I admit my own bias may be playing a role here.
•This interview discusses the way luxury influences people’s decisions.
•Two on geekiness.
One column discusses what effect the endless availability of movies and TV affects the way we perceive, appreciate and watch them. A familiar topic, but I thought the author did a good job.
Then there’s this column, in which the author looks back at the SF & related shows/books/comics of March 1978—an arbitrarily selected month of his younger years—and discovers just how much can be bought brand new (i.e., DVD sets, downloads, reprinted books etc.). Interesting, though I think he’s wrong to argue that this only applies to geek-stuff.


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